The EIFFEL TOWER was built by Gustav Eiffel , for the 1889 exposition universelle , to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the French Revolution .

     Its construction in two years ,  two months and five days was a veritable technical and architectural achievement .

       Completed on March 31 , 1889 , the EIFFEL TOWER was the world’s tallest man-made structure for 41 years until the completion the CHRYSLER BUILDING in New York , 1930 .



         This global French symbol is a celebrity in its own right — it represence to the ‘ magic of light  ‘ and features in several movies and other madia . From its submit , you can have a bird’s eye  view of paris .

        The EIFFEL TOWER is one of the most visited ‘ paid ‘ tourist attractions in the world !


    1st floor – 57 M

    2nd floor – 115 M

    3rd floor – 276 M


   20,000 BULBS

      Sparkle for five minutes on

      the hour , every hour , from

      nightfall to 1 AM .

    336 LAMPS ( with Sodium

                                         Bulbs )

      Brighten up this Tower .

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