World Then And Now

Time that has change Life was so good before this… time was good before when things were easy to handle when people were more generous. Life was good in the old time. though time changes every time, every single minute. Your desires will change with time as you grow up. Now is the time that […]

World Then And Now

A BROKEN SOUL ch13 BY : Ayesha Ally – Ig :ayesha_ally_novels786

A Broken Soul 13 The next morning when Talha got up, he found his wife asleep on his chest, her hair cascading down the side of her face. Very gently, he pushed it behind her ears and smiled.He was just about to wake her up for Fajr when she moaned softly and lifted her face […]

A BROKEN SOUL ch13 BY : Ayesha Ally – Ig :ayesha_ally_novels786

How one video helped raise more than $70,000 for a good cause

When DeShawn Willis’ car broke down in the middle of the pandemic, he found a creative way to get to his landscaping jobs in Toledo, Ohio: his bike. But after spotting a meme online of his set-up with the caption “Only in Toledo,” Deshawn owned the photo and reposted it, explaining his situation. In response, a GoFundMe was started to help DeShawn finance a new truck, but the fundraiser didn’t get much traction — at least, not until filmmaker Dan Lior offered to make a short film about it. Five months later, “Only in Toledo” has racked up more than 200k views and raised $71k for DeShawn’s campaign — well over its $53k goal. “People kept asking me why a total stranger would travel 10 hours roundtrip to create a film for someone he doesn’t know,” said Dan. “The answer is that I knew I could help DeShawn out, so I did. It’s as simple as that.” We sat down with Dan (virtually, of course) to get the full download on the incredible impact the video had on DeShawn’s GoFundMe campaign — and his life. What made you want to tell DeShawn’s story and what was your approach? I’m a filmmaker, so for me there is only one way to really tell a story. I was honestly excited to work on this as a passion project. I approach my passion projects the same way I do for projects commissioned by clients. We started the process by having a phone interview with DeShawn to attain any information that would help me build a narrative and tell the story. I then created a treatment, a shooting plan, a script, questions for the interviews, a mood board, and asked a friend of mine to come along and assist on the shoot. How long did the film take from start to finish? “Only in Toledo” was the shortest project I’ve ever worked on. We spent two days filming and one day editing. I spent the 10 hours to Toledo and back searching for the right music to go along with the edit. As soon as I returned home, I started editing. Strangely, it was the fastest edit I’ve ever done. Everything just fell into place and felt right. What were the challenges of shooting a film during a pandemic? Equipped with the guidance provided by the WHO and CDC, I tried to be as careful as possible while filming. Generally, all of the filming was done outdoors and more than six feet apart, which I felt comfortable with. It really wasn’t too hard to stay safe while filming. (However, we did record the interview for the voiceover in my motel room without masks on. It just wouldn’t have sounded good without a mask.) What has the response to the video been since you shared it? It’s been pretty wild. The story broke shortly after release on NBC, ABC, the local Ohio news channels, newspapers, and national TV. I had experience getting publicity in the past, but none of my past projects had ever received as much attention in such a short period of time. I think at its core, DeShawn’s story is something we can all connect with. We all have our own struggles in life, and I assume the majority of us have the ability to recognize and respect someone who is trying their hardest. “Only in Toledo” is the story of an underdog. I think that’s what has made people empathize and connect with DeShawn’s story. How long did it take to hit DeShawn’s fundraising goal after releasing the film? If I remember correctly, we hit our first goal about a day or so after. Honestly, I didn’t even know about the second goal. The guy who started DeShawn’s GoFundme saw a huge spike in donations the day after the film’s release and decided to raise the goal. My wife woke me up at 5 a.m. to tell me we already hit the goal, and that it had been increased to from $37k to $53k. I remember thinking, “Oh no, what was he thinking?” But I had no idea just how much attention the film was receiving. By the time I actually woke up, we were already halfway to the second goal. The film’s reach was so successful that people and companies reached out about donating things other than money: more cars and more landscaping equipment. We even spoke with a financial advisory company who offered to guide DeShawn through the next steps of growing his business. The video has hundreds of thousands of views. What was your distribution strategy?  I loved how DeShawn decided to own the “Only in Toledo” meme. I was very aware of what the title sounds like and what viewers would expect to see in a film with that title. Everyone has heard or said “Only in [their hometown]” when something bad or embarrassing happens. I wanted to put a spin on the phrase and tell a story of dedication and determination against the backdrop of adversity. I bought the domain and linked it to DeShawn’s Gofundme with the intention of linking to the site at the end of the film. Upon release, I shared the film in all the Toledo groups on Facebook and Reddit (there are more than you would expect), and I think all of the locals really connected to it. That was pretty much it. It didn’t take long for the video to start trending and for the local news to pick up the story. Once the video reached the front page of Reddit, I knew it had taken on a life of its own. Why did you choose to release “Only in Toledo” on Vimeo? I love the fact that Vimeo is such an inclusive community dedicated to supporting filmmakers. Plus, I swear by Vimeo Staff Picks. It is the best collection of curated content, and I’ve made a point to watch one a day for inspiration. What was your response to being Staff Picked? True story: I was so excited I threw out my back! Quite badly actually. I got the email about getting the Staff Pick while my wife was on a business call. I tried to signal for her to get off the phone so I could share the news with her, so I did some awkward movements, and really hurt my back for a few days. In all seriousness, receiving a Vimeo Staff Pick was a big moment for me. I’m a self-taught filmmaker and only started my filmmaking career at the age of 29 after quitting my corporate job. Since day one, receiving a Vimeo Staff Pick has been a huge goal of mine. To me, it was an affirmation that I made the right choice in life. That my work is of the same caliber as my role models and inspirations. I made “Only in Toledo” without any expectations or hopes for a Vimeo Staff Pick. But obviously, I’m thrilled with how things played out. Do more with video today

How one video helped raise more than $70,000 for a good cause

The laziest form of journaling – How to start journaling easily

“A picture is worth a thousand words” I’d disagree. There is no movie on this planet, no painting that can substitute for a truly good book. A picture can not be worth a thousand words. A book can. And the most useful book to YOU will be the record of your own life. “I never […]

The laziest form of journaling – How to start journaling easily

Val Morgan Outdoor expand its health and fitness network with Jetts

[ad_1] Thinkstock Val Morgan Outdoor (VMO) has added 260 new sites to its national VMO Active network and taken over media representation for Jetts Fitness. The expansion sees VMO with more than1,000 clubs, 4,000 plus screens and over 1.35 million members. The network — which spans Fitness First, Goodlife, Anytime Fitness, Fernwood, Belgravia Leisure Centres, City Fitness and […]

Val Morgan Outdoor expand its health and fitness network with Jetts
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